Usbeck for 150 years

2022 our company celebrated its 150th anniversary. We thank our customers and employees for this achievement. Please find a few words about our history here.

Conversion from L-Gas to H-Gas:
Usbeck Natural Gas Burners can be continuously operated

There exist two types of gases in Germany: L-Gas (Low calorific gas) has a lower methane content than H-Gas (High calorific gas) and thus a lower calorific value.
Within the conversion in regions of Northwest and Western Germany the transported natural gas of group L will be replaced stepwise by group H.

All Natural Gas Burners by Usbeck can be used with both, L-Gas and H-Gas. A modification is not necessary. Consequently, there is no action required by the user.

New product: Universal Bosshead

New bosshead 2424 in aluminium for fixation of pipes, rods and plates.
Bores on the face: 10 mm and 13 mm,
2 crossbores: 13 mm,
2 slots for plates: 6 mm.
The bosshead is equipped with thumb screws made from nickel plated brass.
Different screws available on demand.

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Nutzen Sie ab sofort auch die französische und spanische Version unserer Website.
Please find our website from now on also in French and Spanish.
Notre site Internet est à présent disponible en français et en espagnol.
Ya puede utilizar la versión francesa y española de nuestro sitio web.

New product: Stainless 4-feet stand with glass ceramic plate

Our 4-feet-stand made from stainless steel is a patented new construction. The feet can me dismounted without use of any tools, thus enabling a space saving delivery and storage.
In addition, the plate holder can be used as a protective table mat in the laboratory.
4-feet stands and glass ceramic plates are available separately or
in combination at a discount.

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Now available: The new Usbeck Catalogue 2017

Please find our new catalogue here.

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New product: Safety Burner with stop cock and pilot flame

The Usbeck Safety Burner is now available with a 90 degree stop cock in addition to the version with needle valve. Furthermore, all Safety Burners are from now on equiped with a pilot flame.
For Safety Burners, in case the flame extinguishes, the gas supply is interrupted and no unburnt gas can escape.
article no: 1340-1341

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New product: Double Spatula, bent

stainless steel
available in four sizes
article no: 3292-3295

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New product: Instrument tray

stainless steel
rounded corners
article no: 4760-4764

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New product: Crucible porcelain

temperature-resistant up to 1000 degrees Celcius
DIN 12904
article no: 5665-5668

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New outlet valve for gas cartridges

The new outlet valve (adjuster) 69500 by Usbeck is DVGW-certified as stand-alone part bearing the CE-number CE-0085CQ0255.
The adjuster is useable for metallic disposable cartridges for liquid gas according to DIN EN 417:2012. The valve has an outside thread M 10 x 1.

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Suitable gas cartridges can be found here.

In addition, we offer the following burners for gas cartridges:

Speed and precision: Labjack with cordless drill

The new, patented labjack by Usbeck allows quick and convenient height adjustment thus providing an enhanced usability in daily laboratory work.
The cordless drill with suitable 1/4" bit is included in delivery.

Please find more information here: