Usbeck Laboratory Burners

Our broad laboratory burner assortment covers all application demands in laboratory work. Furthermore, we produce burners according to special standards and customers requests.

Usbeck burners are characterized by high safety, durability, convenient handling and superior design.

Our burners are equipped with a solid base made from powder-coated zinc die casting. For additional stability on smooth surfaces our safety base can be ordered. All materials used for Usbeck laboratory burners offer high corrosion resistance.

All burners are available as natural or bottle/butane gas versions. They are to be used according to the following gas pressure ranges:

  • Natural gas: 18 - 25 mbar
  • Bottle gas/butane: 47,5 - 57,5 mbar (use pressure regulators for gas bottles)

Country specific gas pressure conditions may differ from German standards and need to be considered.

In addition, Usbeck offers multi-gas burners that can be used with natural gas, bottle gas and butane.