Zinc as raw material

Benefits of zinc

The raw material we use for our laboratory clamps and bossheads is zinc. Zinc die casting alloys are made from high purity zinc combined with small amounts of aluminium, magnesium and copper. In comparison to other raw materials, zinc is characterized by high rigidity and hardness, sound ductibility and excellent castability.

Our hot chamber zinc diecasting process results in mostly rework-free parts with great surface qualities. As zinc is comparatively corrosion resistant, we offer our clamps and bossheads without further surface refinement as well as powdercoated or nickel plated.

Sustainability and resource efficiency

Zinc also offers advantages in terms of ecological considerations: a lower energy consumption in comparison to other production processes, 100% recyclability of the products, few additives and poor emissions.
Zinc castings can be labeled with the ISO recycling mark as featured in EN 12844 for easy alloy recognition and future recycling.

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In addition, we offer products made from steel, brass, aluminium and stainless steel.