DIN standard 30665 „burners for laboratories“

Usbeck laboratory burners are available in two versions:

  1. Laboratory burners according to DIN norm 30665 “safety for laboratories”
  2. Laboratory burners basic model

The basic configuration of both laboratory burner programs includes the use of safety needle valves or stop cocks, licensed washers and tube connectors.

The laboratory burners according to DIN norm 30665 (1) differ from the basic models (2) by the following characteristics:

  • Needle valve and stop cock only enable a gas regulation between minimum and maximum position. A total stop of gas supply is not possible. A small flame remains burning even if needle valve or stop cock are turned off (see picture to the right). That way, the user is forced to stop laboratory burners by means of the specified central stop cock.
  • Laboratory burners with adjustable pilot flame are not allowed.

In Germany, the trade association regulation “BGR 120” for laboratories (version of August 2008) prescribes the use of laboratory burners according to DIN Norm 30665. It is not applicable for cartridge burners.

Deviating rules and specifications may apply in other countries than Germany and need to be checked and considered by the distributing company.

Laboratory burners are not covered by the EU Directive relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels (EU) 2016/426 and are therefore not bearing a CE marking.